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Server authentication/user system


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First time poster, my idea is to take the normal torrent system, and then combine it with a "user login" interface. It could either be integrated with the normal client or as a more "proprietary" feature. The idea would be a server hosts a normal login/pass system, a tracker, and has an encrypted channel feature. The goal would be that you load a tracker, enter a username/pass and then can download from that server. Encrypted channels would be forced, preferably, and in the set of 128, 256, 512 bit encryption. The server could implement standard hash/salt/encryption of it's own designation.

I got the idea from the EA games download thing, where Spore (the game) came out a week earlier already pirated. I felt that, yes, they did save on bandwidth pre-downloading the file and then simply "activating" it when needed, but that is obviously able to activated early if it has been downloaded already.

The benefits would be a normal server, or even a large company with heavy, spuradic bandwidth needs could have the file hosted on the site, and then torrent it over the encrypted channel, combining pre-sale security and reducing bandwidth consumption.

"Extra features" could be a frontend which would attach to a stand-alone torrent module, and a download could already have a pre-configured server/port/encryption/etc setup, and upon logon, a window could have a list of available torrents, sort of like an RSS feed, but encrypted and requires registration.

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