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Tried to fiddle around with Utorrent's settings.......


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.....and in the process I've really screwed things up. (insert banging head against brick wall emoticon here)

I'm using the current version of Utorrent and I want to reset the entire program back to defaults. I decided to listen and watch some youtube clip on trying to speed up Utorrent's downloads and now my speeds are horrendously slow. I've looked up how to reset the program but don't understand exactly how to do it.

Can someone please explain how I go about resetting Utorrent back to its original state? I'm assuming I need to go to the Advanced tab right? I tried looking around but I honestly don't have a clue how to do it. Thanks in advance and sorry if I posted this question in the wrong area of the boards. Be nice...it's my first time.

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I might be new to THIS particular message board, but I'm not new to boards in general. I already tried doing a search and looked up the FAQ's....but it didn't answer my question so I decided to ask. Do you know how many pages turned up when I typed in "Reset Utorrent"??? I don't have time to read all that stuff...sorry. Anyways, I know about this:

"Delete settings.dat and settings.dat.old from %AppData%\uTorrent with the client closed."

I already knew this...but as I mentioned in my email, I don't now how the hell to do it. I just don't know where to look to make this change. Can you explain step by step where it's done? I opened up Preferences and looked around...but couldn't find where to make the changes. Can ANYONE please guide me here?

Also, why is everyone so damn uptight when you're asking for help? If I knew how to do it, I wouldn't be wasting my valuable time typing this. Geez. I tried Googling this info and still couldn't figure it out so PLEASE HELP. Thanks.

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