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Modem crashing with utorrent


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Hi. I use D-Link G624T. My modem ALWAYS stops working when i use utorrent for some time. The time the modem stay functional varies also... sometimes it lasts for like 8 hours, sometimes not even 30 minutes. What can be causing this?

I've tried emule all night long, and when i woke up, it was on, stable. But with utorrent, always dead modem.

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And are you using the "modem" (actually an ADSL router) for just one computer? Or several? Do you have any regular (broadband/ethernet) routers available?

Update the firmware on it to help it along: http://www.dlink.co.uk/?go=gNTyP9CnptFMIC4AStFCF834mptYIe5XTNvhLPG3yV3oVo5+hKltbNlwaaRp7ytsRWm5kC9PiO52eLCGv9yUQC5gx5/PL9b0TI+4+jcJgo0eXqtLbpyV6hnDrXPdepzOO+ZrrBY=

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i use it on 2 computers

wlan for laptop, lan for desktop... but the lan is off, i just let the laptop on when i seed overnight

my speed connection is 3mbps/750kbps

my current settings:

connections(per torrent): 200

connections(global) 400

max active torrents: 4

max active downloads: 4

my port is forwarded, and i have no upload/download limits

even when i limited, it crashes the router

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Did you try updating the firmware like I linked? Are you sure it's the router that's crashing, instead of maybe your computers wireless (look for lights going out on the router)? Try using a wired connection. Did you follow the link from thelittlefire? If updating your router, following the speed issues thread, and using a wired connection don't work, continue dialing your settings back and disabling extras like DHT. If it is your router, you MAY be able to tweak it to handle things better.

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MANY routers cannot handle more than about 100 connections at once. You're allowing 4 times as many, so it may take awhile to reach that many...but it still crashes when it gets too high.

2nd link in my signature, choose 768 kilobits/second upload settings...and even that may use too many global connections, so try lowering global max to 100 instead.

If you did manual port forwarding, disable UPnP and NAT-PMP.

Even Local Peer Discovery (which makes multicast packets) may not be well-liked by your router.

Resolve IPs uses UDP packets (DHT does too), so disable that by right-clicking in the PEERS window of an active torrent.

Did you try the latest v1.8.1 beta. Some serious connectivity bugs were fixed.

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