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wrong first piece in ui?


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1.8.1 beta 12083

in "Files" tab of a torrent I think "first piece" (after the first entry in the First Piece column- first entry is always 0 anyway-) is miscalculated

I guess problem is a -1 instead of a +1

for example it shows:

"First Piece" "# Pieces"

0 325

324 325

648 326


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Were you sorting by first piece? 0+325=324, 324+325=648.

Edit: BEFORE you correct me.. MOST if not all files do not use up full pieces. Search for cross-file pieces on here if you care to read up on them. (Basically it means since bittorrent relies on data, it chunks all the data together and whatever data happens to be left over in the file gets added to the beginning of the next file)

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