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Unable to use utorrent/ slows down computer


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My first problem occurs when i try to download a torrent. i already have utorrent installed on the laptop, and when it asks for the program in which i want to open the torrent with, i select utorrent. however, whenever i do this, it asks if i want to install bittorent. i select cancel and it installs bittorent anyway. it then opens the file with bittorent which makes utorrent redundant. i know that bittorent uses more system resources up and is generally slower as well (or so i have been told), so i was wondering if there is a solution to this. when i install utorrent, i remember to set it as default, so im really confused as to why this is happening.

My second problem is that bittorent/utorrent frequently stops responding. this generally happens when i try to exit the program, and when i try to end task on task manager, it does not work. in addition to this, when i try to shut down the computer, it takes longer than usual.

any help on this matter is appreciated, and i will thank anyone who replies in advance.

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