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Not Connecting To Peers/Seeders


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I just recently reformatted, and after I got back setup (Using the same OS as the last time) Utorrent started doing this.


I don't run with that many downloads I just put them all on to show what it is doing, a few of the torrents are from other websites, they too are doing it.

Running on a static IP, with the port open.


All of the torrents are healthy, with 80+ seeders on most, 20 or so on the lowest one.

Edit: Now it is actually showing the correct number of seeds/peers.

But even so, it wont connect to any of them.

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As I said in the post, I only put that many on to show what it was doing.

I normally run with 3-4 depending on how their speeds look.


6 MB/s D/L

512 KB/s U/L


Upload Limit: 60 (When Not Downloading) 15 (When Downloading)

Max Active Torrents: 3

Max Active Downloads: 3

Connections(Global): 250

Connections(Per Torrent): 100

Upload Slots: 10

I patched my TCPIP.sys.

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This is a problem even when running only 2 torrents at once:

Upload Slots: 10

That would create potentially 20 total upload slots...your upload gets split 20 different ways.

And with upload set to 15 KB/sec while downloading...other peers aren't going to like you enough to upload back to you quickly.

Even while only seeding, 60 KB/sec / 20 total upload slots = a less-than-impressive 3 KB/sec per person you're sending to.

Simple solution: lower upload slots to 4. Lower it further if you're increasing max active torrents greater than 4.

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I wish I got speeds like that .2% of the time, basically this is how it is going.

Right now 2 very healthy torrents both of which 150+ seeders, and less leechers than seeds. They are the only 2 running at the time, and I am getting .7 kbs d/l speed, I'm connected to about 20 seed/leech each per torrent.

In reguards to the U/L speed, anytime I set my upload past 15 kbs, my downloads get cut so harsh that they never do end up downloading.

I've gotta be doing something wrong in my settings somewhere.

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