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Torrent tracker problems


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Ive gotten my feet wet with utorrent, but I still dont know how everything works. I have been downloading about 3 files (1 game two cds) The cds were done in about 10 mins and the game is about 50% done (all in about 24 hours)

however, the icon is red next to the thing which means that its not connecting. the file is only going about 5kb/s and uploading at 50kb/s I checked to see and its not blocked by the firewall but

1. None of the ports (tried at least 20 different numbers) go through

2. The I.P. number on portfoward is different then my actual i.p. address

3 0-1 (47) seeds connect and about 3 (150) peers connect at any given time?

I really dont know a whole lot about the whole system but if you have any pointers or anything I could use it would be really helpful. I am also quite patient so I can wait I was just wondering if there was anything I could do to get it to run smoothly.

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