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/HIDE command for All Users on WindowsXP startup - don't work?


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I've been using utorrent for quite a while now and have read most of the guides and help files on utorrent but I can't seem to get this to work. I see the Common Startup item in msconfig Startup tab but can't seem to find (Ctrl+F) it in the registry!

Situation: I need utorrent to work in boss-key mode one of the computers I am using because I don't get to use the same computer everyday. But the problem is that when I add the shortcut to the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder it doesn't start when I log on to the machine.

I use utorrent 1.8 but I have noticed that it doesn't work even when I used to use 1.7.7.

The first thing that I wanted to know is, is it possible to create a shortcut with the /HIDE arg and set attribs of system and/or hidden and put it in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder so that it starts up each time someone logs on to the machine?

Nothing specific in the forums as well.

One additional question: Is there anyway we can make utorrent use relative paths for download? For e.g: I am downloading a file to my G:\utorrent\downloads folder and utorrent and all the settings are in the G:\utorrent\app folder. I want to be able to copy the utorrent folder to the desktop folder and start utorrent from there so that it it continues downloading instead of me doing the "Set download location" again.


Thanks is advance.

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You can add the startup entry to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

Make sure you have the /HIDE outside of any quotation marks that may be in the target path. There was a bug in older versions of µTorrent where it would be excessively strict about its run target path and revert any additional arguments (like /HIDE). That was fixed somewhere before 1.8.

As well, relative path downloading should work for 1.8, but I've never tested it.

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Thanks! That worked. Now I am able to get utorrent to start when someone logs in but the relative referencing still doens't work. I've read some of the post on on this but I can't figure out which path utorrent actually takes when you mention the relative path. From what I have seen I think when you mention ..\downloads it would go to the <username>\Downloads folder and when the path is Downloads only it would put the folder on the desktop in the Downloads directory. Is that right?

This would mean that the path would be taken relative to the Desktop of the currently logged on user. If I could have utorrent put the downloads in its own directory in a folder when running in portable mode also would do.

An update:

Looks like relative referencing depends on what you are referring to.

I set utorrent to put

- new downloads in .\Downloads

- store torrents in .\torents (P.S ".\" in front of the directory name)

- move completed torrent for fininished jobs in \completed-torents (P.S "\" in front of the directory name)

What happened was: torrents and completed-torrents were created in the settings directory but the Downloads folder was created in the folder where the torrent was loaded from!!!

It would be good if someone could shed some light on this behaviour.

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..\Downloads should be the parent directory of the EXE. You need to set the default directory in preferences when running in self-contained mode http://utorrent.com/faq.php#How_can_I_share_my_torrents_between_user_profiles.3F

Obviously you can't set any parent directory when in the root. I'm not sure about \USERNAME\Downloads, but the default directory when no folder is set should be My Documents\Downloads.

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I'm sorry I didn't understand which directory do you mean by:

..\Downloads should be the parent directory of the EXE


Obviously you can't set any parent directory when in the root

I was finally able to conclude that:

1. the relative path for storing downloads is taken with respect to the utorrent.exe where my torrents are stored (in portable mode). So setting a folder named Torrents to either load and move and keep currently downloading torrents would create a folder named Torrents in the folder utorrent is currently residing in.

2. when torrents are being loaded from a directory within the utorrent.exe folder setting a path of Downloads would create a folder named Dowloads in the folder utorrent is currently residing in.

The bad news is that moving the main folder (folder containing all the settings, downloads, settings etc) would not make utorrent resume the downloads because it would look for the Downloads folder in the original location i.e., when setting the path it can be relative but utorrent would look at the absolute path so it would be a problem unless you put the downloads into the same folder on every computer.

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Hmmmmm, I thought they removed that requirement... when in self-contained "portable" mode, if you open the resume.dat what happens if you Find/Replace my:\fully\qualified\path -> \Downloads with Ultima's BFE? (You'll definitely want to save a backup of a good resume.dat (close uTorrent, copy resume.dat, edit, open uTorrent with edited resume.dat) If it interprets local pathing, perhaps they just forgot to uncomment the "don't write out full path if uTorrent.exe in same folder as settings.dat" part of code :)

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I've checked the resume.dat with BEncoder and it shows the absolute path for the downloads even in portable mode and even if the downloads as saved in the a subfolder within the utorrents settings folder. However the torrents show the relative path.

It's strange why it would do that. When the torrents folder can be relative why can't the downloads?! I'm sure it is helpful in certain cases but it would have been great if we had a choice if I have to move the downlaods. I don't download multiple torrents so I wouldn't mind editing the resume.dat.

I think the best idea would be to use the relative path when a relative path is specified. I think this could be a feature request but for now I need more confirmation on how this things works.

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