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RSS Feed Trouble in 1.8


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I have been using the auto RSS feed d/l option for ages without issue. Its a fabulous option. I upgraded to 1.8 and now I can't get it to work consistently. All my previously configured favourites don't work. I even created new feeds on the RSS sidebar filtered on my item, selected d/l with smart filter and nothing comes down. A buddy of mine that upgraded as well says his RSS option isn't functioning the same. Any advice?

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Matching files in the RSS list do not d/l even if they match the favorite filter expression (note that the example below worked fine in 1.7.7. and earlier).

Filter: *Nightmares*

Feed: <my rss feed>

Quality: <all>

Smart Ep Filter: <check>

Min Interval: <match once>

I see the item in the feed, click the "?" and I get no matching releases.

So I then created a custom feed in the side bar already filtered on the item. Added it to my favorites.

Filter: *

Feed: <my filtered feed that only shows Nightmares and nothing else>

Quality: <all>

Smart Ep Filter: <check>

Min Interval: <match all>

* Automatically download items published in feed is set to <yes>

Once again items are in the list and nothing matches or downloads.

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Loaded the feed into a broswer and copied link into utorrent. Feed links valid. I will turn on the logging and look but I don't see an option for "RSS". I get:

Error Logging

+ Log bad rejections

+ Log bad piece requests

+ Log bad cancels

+ Log bad halves

+ Log UPNP errors

+ Log NATPMP errors

+ Log misc errors

Verbose Logging

+ Log incoming have messages

+ Log aggregated messages

+ Log outgoing have messages

+ Log UPNP messages

+ Log NATPMP messages

+ Log WebUI requests

+ Log finished metadata

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