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Add Torrents to WebUI?


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When I look at blog posts like this one (http://lifehacker.com/software/hack-attack/remote-control-your-torrents-with-utorrents-webui-260393.php) they show the WebUI having a button on the top to add new torrents. But in my WebUI, there are no options to Add new torrents or anything other than an ability to view torrents and their status.

How can I get webUI to allow me to add new torrents from within WebUI's interface?

NOTE: My uTorrent server is a Windows 2003 Server. When I install the same uTorrent WebUI on a Vista machine, it shows the Add options. So let me rephrase, why is the Windows 2003 Server different and why can't I have the remote Add Torrent feature in it?

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