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Pros and Cons of v1.7.7 vs. 1.8build11742 ??


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I am new to bittorenting and utorrent. I've done tons of research & reading over the past week and have a few questions. I appreciate any helpful advice including RTFM (I have but maybe I missed my answers!)

My first question is the most basic - what are the advantages/disadvantages of using version 1.7.7 vs. 1.8build11742 (which I believe is the latest "stable" version). I ask this because some people tell me to use 1.7.7 and others say to use the most recent, yet none of those people can actually give me a reason WHY they are recommending one over the other.

P.S. I am running winxp SP3 on a P4 PC with 1gb ram, 1.7gb cpu, using xp firewall, and am behind a router that does NAT. I know about port forwarding and think I have that all sussed out. I also have an old P2 PC with win98SE only 128mb that I might want to try setting up too but I'll leave that till later...


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