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Configuration in UAE


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Hi Friends,

Can Somebody Help me to configure my Utorrent. I am getting extremely dead speed as I have connection of 512kb.

My utorrent downloading at average of 10-15 kb/s. I have tried all possible settings given by utorrent.

Anybody from UAE having good downloading speed? Please share your settings.



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Thanks Switec! But my upload speed is OK at 25KB, sometime uploads are more than the downloads. I dont mind it as I can maximum uploads.

can you please review the below and let me know if I need to do any change.

My System is HP - AMD Turion 64x2 Mobile 1.8Ghz

Windows Vista Home Premium


My Speed Test is 224kb/s Down and 211KB/s UP.

My Utorrent Snapshot is here:


Any help is grately appreicaited.


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I am not a tech guy. But i will share the information what i have.

i m in UAE .i am getting up to 95 kb/s on a shared network connection

which is supposed to be very slow.I changed my settings after seeing a video on youtube as to how to get maximum speed for utorrent.

the port number is 45682. Upload limit is usually kept low (5-10kb/s)

test your connection speed and select appropriate connection settings on speedguide. Outgoing should be enabled.

Also i changed the netmax half open value from '8' to '50'.

i really dont know which one worked for me. you can try this.

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PLEASE do not follow the YouTube video settings!

They are INSANELY hostile to others as well as to your ISP!

net.max_halfopen does not need to be more than 8...setting it higher without patching windows using 3rd party unsupported software WILL CAUSE PROBLEMS. (...even if you don't see those problems immediately.

When you have a low-speed connection, to maximize your download and upload speeds for torrents in uTorrent, you're probably better off turning OFF other internet-using progams that constantly use bandwidth...and disabling a few features in uTorrent (DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and Resolve IPs) which also use additional bandwidth.

Having 100+ peer+seed connections at once is utterly useless if you're only going to get <50 KB/sec max down+up speed anyway. Better to have maybe 30 peer+seed connections at most.

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