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Torrent reappearing in the list


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So, the same OLD torrent shows up, but all the new torrents show up as well? I'd be curious what your resume.dat looks like with http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=31306 ... it's sorted alphabetically by torrent file name, so you may not immediately see where your torrents are. Is that OLD torrent listed there?

ALSO do you have the auto-load function enabled and your torrent directory set?

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I've a similar problem which crops up from time to time. Right now I have a torrent "keep.torrent" which simply will not go away.

Use the "delete torrent and data" function - torrent disappears, the .torrent file has been deleted, as have the temp download files. Pops back up the next time another torrent finishes.

Use the "delete torrent and data function again". Exit utorrent using "file - exit". Keep.torrent is not in torrents file. Search entire computer, keep.torrent is not anywhere to be found. (I cleared the recycle bin also). Resume.dat file has no mention of the work "keep",

Restart uTorrent. There it is again, starts up downloading all over again.

I tried making the folder where "keep.torrent" were to be found, a read only folder. No soap. Tried making a file called "keep.torrent", with only 10 characters of text inside, and saved it in the torrents active folder. Restarted uTorrent. Keep torrent restarts, and now I have a file called "keep.1.torrent" in the torrents file, and it is downloading away.

The only way it seems I can stop this crazy thing (note reference to the Jetsons) is to allow the torrent to start and then use the pause function.

This happens from time to time, and I go through a bunch of deleting and stopping things, and it usually goes away. This time it just won't go away.

Any ideas? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Thanks in advance,

-- Doc

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Thanks for the reply...

I downloaded the current version I am running as an update - when the software told me that a new version was available. Not really sure whence it came. I'm running 1.8.3

Anyone have any ideas? I am up to 1.8.5, and still have torrents returning. A couple of new ones now. I've repeatedly erased the files, the torrents (which return), edited and cleaned out the .dat file, yet they come back, like zombies. I'd really appreciate some help with this, it screws up my ratio with acouple of sites, continually redownloading the same crap.

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