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utorrent closes when hovering over the icon in the windows tray


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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and did some search, but couldn't find anything on this subject. I'm working with utorrent a little longer already, and update it with the check for updates function once in a while.

Recently I have updated to version 1.8 build 11813 and that's where the trouble started. I've had the problem more then once and can't get any grip on it.

If I open utorrent and leave it maximized on screen and open another program afterwards without manually minimizing utorrent the taskbar still shows utorrent. If I leave my PC for a while, utorrent dissappears from the taskbar somehow.

It can then only be re-opened with the icon in the icon part of the taskbar, but as soon as I hover over that icon, utorrent completely closes and when I re-open the program by double-clicking the desktop link it has to check all files on progress first.

Also when I minimize utorrent and want to open it after a period of time using the icon, it closes abruptly.

Does anyone know what the problem can be?

Thanks in advance,


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