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How should I deal with Trackers?


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Hi. I understand I don't always need the most extensive list I can conceive (I used to do that until I read this). I even found the nice btReAnnounceR to search for even more trackers.

So how many Trackers are too many and when?

How do I know which Trackers I should keep or remove?

This is about the contents I want to download.


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What about removing Trackers?

I used to search Isohunt and Torrentz for the torrent's Hash and cross-check the Tracker entries, keeping the non-duplicateds. Then after reading the post I linked, I understood many of the seeds and peers were probably the same. For instance, I noticed that the Piratebay vip tracker and sometimes only a couple of others had many more seeds and peers. I figured out possibly all seeds and peers from the other trackers were already tracked by Piratebay, so why should I keep them?

Scenario was much like this: Piratebay 3000s/4000p; Others 800s/1000p and less. In a case such like that, I'm probably getting very few seeds and peers not tracked by Piratebay - if any, right? All of them, public trackers.

My concern is for stability and speed.

I also noticed that Trackers selection (for the same Hash) is different, depending on the site the torrent was downloaded from. What couple of sites are mostly recommended - regarding this Trackers selection? Is this a question without an answer? I already know the most used sites.

Thanks a lot for your time.

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Just use the most popular ones with the most seeds :)

Also some trackers are better if you're looking for some specific content (like anime, for example).

'Private' trackers - the ones requiring invitation - are also sometimes better due to enforcing Dl/UL ratio rules on the members (so you get good speeds).

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I don't want to be a bore, just please don't use Just like that. It makes anyone feel like a helpless illiterate.

I already gave up adding Trackers indiscriminately. I ask what makes the difference between choosing to download the torrent from (say) Isohunt or Piratebay or Mininova, considering the Tracker selections inside these Torrents are also different.

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Stability of what? Speed of what? When people add multiple trackers haphazardly it can only lead to unnecessary tracker abuse. There are certain situations where people do, but shouldn't add trackers (private torrents) thereby making their swarm more "public" when others can get the INFOHASH.

Most often the torrents don't differ when uploaded/indexed to the main sites. When you see the same INFOHASH you're assured it's the same content, even if it doesn't include the same tracker lists.

Like DWK said... it's not really something to worry about. uTorrent allows you to add duplicate trackers (when found) in a torrent you have already loaded. Nuff said.

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I'm figuring things out by myself. It doesn't seem a bad idea to me to download the same hashed torrent from 3 or 4 of the major sites and let uTorrent add the Trackers by itself.

Thanks all for your time spent not responding any of my questions.

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Gee, I am not an illiterate, I "just" wanna download things of interest to ME. If I post something on here and I dont get a reply it means one of several things to me:

1) The question I posted is uninteresting to the reader

2) The right reader has not read it yet, (there's lots of stuff out there to read )

3) The reader is ignorant of a good answer ( but not generally ignorant )

4) The reader has an answer but "just" hasnt got around to a reply

5) The reader has been flamed once too often for language usage when all they were trying to do was help, and is reluctant to post to a flamer -

5) I "just" did not wait long enough for an answer ( see 2,3,4,&5 )

What really gets to me is that a post to answer a question which is really up to the poster to decide for themselves is an act of samaritanism, and flaming a whole community for not responding with an answer is not the mark of a higher or nobler intellect - although they may be a literate one. Sarcasm is wasted on those who have no feelings for you.

And thats just my opinion. only my opinion. still my opinion. whatever.

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