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Utorrent 1.7.7 is timing out my connection to tracker after 40 min


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Hi all,

i have been having some issues with u torrent 1.7.7 & 1.8. It appears that after 40 mins or so, my tracker connection times out and the green upward arrow turns into a red upward arrow.

i have used the speed configuration tutorial to set all my settings

here are my speed results


and i am using these numbers


| (UPLOAD MAXIMUM) |Limit |Slots| Per |Glob.|Tor.|Down.|

384 kbit/sec | 35| 4| 40| 90| 3| 2|

my port is forwarded on my router, which is a link sys WRT54G Firmware Version: v3.03.6

i have also disabled the firewall on my sys (Win XP2)

any comments or help would be appreciated



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I lowered the halfopen back to default, which is 8.

so what do i need to do with that site? I tried using the torrent and it timed out.

It also said the file was to big and it prompted me to either continue or not.

*edit* the torrent from the website isnt doing anything.**


*edit update* all the torrents(9 of them) are green and ready to seed. the tracker updates are at about 21 min away from recheck.**

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the tracker says, for all the torrents including the *test*, "offline timed out

*edit update*

all the torrents are red arrows

and all the trackers say offline timed out or operation timed out

I know for a fact that the trackers are online, based that the site has people both uploading and downloading.

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