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uTorrent goes easy on Browsers!


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I want uTorrent to use bandwidth heavily,

even while i'm browsing.

but it seems uTorrent automatically drops

bandwidth usage if I start browsing or downloading


is it possible to make uTorrent bandwidth hogger

like most other download managers?

if so, how? if not, can i hope to see this feature

in future?

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I don't have that problem and I am uploading rather close to upload max for my connection -- 125 KiloBYTES/second upload speed on a 1 megabit/second upload bandwidth connection.

Back when I could only upload 42 KiloBYTES/second, I didn't have that problem either.

What is the speed of your connection and what settings are you using in uTorrent (shown by Speed Guide CTRL+G)?

Do note if you're only running 1 slow torrent with few seeds+peers, then even slight changes in other things you're doing with your connection may have a more noticeable effect.

Try the latest v1.8.1 beta. Some serious connectivity bugs were fixed. These could also reduce speeds.

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my speed isn't sth to brag about, it's 16KB up and 16KB down.

going to double it in a few days.

i do get good upload speed though..usually higher than the download speed.

my only problem is that if I start firefox or FDM,

uTorrent lets them eat up bandwidth.

Up Limit 9kB

Up Slot 3

Con/tor 55

Con/global 80

max act tor 2

max act dl 2

btw, is there any way to lower the priority of torrent data check that occurs after a improper shutdown?

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DISABLE: UPnP, LPD, DHT (both kinds!), and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window on an active torrent).

Lower net.max_halfopen to only 4. (Constantly making 4 new connections outgoing at once should be enough!)

This lets uTorrent spend less bandwidth on connectivity and more on download/upload speeds.

NOTE: DHT may be needed on very poorly seeded public torrents.

Also if you have a router, UPnP is needed if you didn't manually port forward.

You could use Process Explorer to lower uTorrent's overall priority, but not specifically for torrent check.

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WT*??? :o

I've been asking everyone how make utorrent slow down when I am browsing because it kills all other connections when I am using it. FF sometimes doesn't even load the page and another computer that shares the intenet connection also gets ridiculously slow speeds when utorrent is running. What kind of settings did you change?

I have a slow connection 256kbps so squeeze everything out of it I disabled UPnP, resolve IPs, NAT-PMP, basically everything I don't want to increase the speed. But I want it to run at full speed except when i am browsing. Can this be really done?

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Configure everything correctly (potentially with the suggestions given in the first link in my signature regarding interrupted connections) and it won't normally get in the way. There is no way to slow µTorrent down just because you're browsing. You can prioritize regular ol' WWW traffic if you use QoS though (either cFosSpeed, or some on-router thing).

Using 1.8.1 should help as well, as it abides more closely by the half-open connection limit now.

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I have a slow connection 256kbps so... But I want it to run at full speed except when i am browsing. Can this be really done?

Scheduler to disable uTorrent for the hours you're web browsing.

You may not have 256 kilobits/second UPLOAD. So if you told uTorrent to use xx/256k settings, you told it wrong and it will thoroughly overload your connection as a result.

How fast does uTorrent upload sustained? (1-second peaks don't count.)

2nd link in my signature can possibly give you a better settings match for your connection.

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i have done as you said. let's see how it goes.

"You could use Process Explorer to lower uTorrent's overall priority, but not specifically for torrent check."

so how about implementing a feature in the next version that can enable low priority hash checking?

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Low priority hash check? Unless utorrent itself run in low priority I don't think is possible. I'm not sure if net.low_cpu would work. Can someone clarify.

To Switech:

I used to have a 150kbps connection. I am sure you guys know 10 times more than me about networking and even more about utorrent so tell me what you think about this:

The practical max for me is 18kb/s, after experimenting with various download accelerators over hours of averaging and bandwith tests and have come this conclusion. Now I am converted leecher (couldn't help it, was using dialup), but back then I would set my upload to 5ks and the downloads would crawl. As I understood from various guides uploads play an important role in downloads so I started increasing my upload speed in steps to check what happened to the downloads.

Finally reached a point where my downloads wouldn't see any noticeable increase. But I wanted to know at what upload speeds I would see my download speeds decrease so I kept going up till I reached Unlimited! If I cap my upload my downloads would slow down. So it has been at that ever since. One more interesting thing when using utorrent my uploads would avg about 19ks! No idea why that happened.

Now came another issue that I didn't know how to deal with - when utorrent downloads in full glory on my "barely broad"band, I can hardly browse. Even others who share my connection complain (I should have some post here somewhere describing the issue some time back).

Some people said that the uploads not being capped is the problem but this would happen even when I am not uploading at all (highly seeded torrents). So then I went back at capping my download speeds during browsing but you see when you are waiting for days to finish downloading a few kbps can make a difference of a few hours. This is exactly the reason why I requested coloured status bar icons for utorrent. I'm sure you'll never had to deal with this issue. Sometime it would get so slow that I would pause all torrent and then forget for a few hours.

So this is how it went for a few months and now I have an ASDL line of 256kbps (previously 150kbps WiMAX). This ADSL line does almost the same thing. I get max download speeds when uploads are unlimited. But now browsing experience is a little better since I have a router. But it still takes a long time to load pages when utorrent is running. But I don't want to turn on anything that would decrease my download speeds.

I have explained everything in detail and take much time to describe this so that someone could tell me if there was something wrong in my test method which would cause a wrong conclusion?

After going through the links in your sig I think haven't read your Recommded utorret settings because it is new. It's good! I'll read it in detail later. Just to add - I have total connected peers at 50 and per torrent at 30 and have checked use additional slots if speed is less than 90% so it doesn't matter how many slots/torrent I have set. This way my upload is almost always maxed out when utorrent is running.

Most of my tweaking is just "disable what is not reqd" kind. I manually set how many torrent need to be running to max out my connection. I usually don't use automatic settings unless I test and be sure that they work. Unfortunately the automatic upload speed in utorrent always sets lower speeds so I haven't used it. It is not made for the kind of connection I have and the speed guide doesn't work for me as well because it uses the predefined rules for every connection. So it becomes hard for me to use utorrent because I know that it will never be able to get optimum speeds using the features it has.

So yes, I'll try out anything and see if it works out for me. If it doesn't then I have to go back to doing it manually :( Most of the feature requests get trashed anyway. I do understand that one can't have everything. I would rather have all my feature requests trashed than make utorrent bloatware or less efficient. It has everything I need, that's all I want.

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You don't need lots of connections to max your line out. When you're maxing download out, probably nobody else can web surf...at least without bad lag. You may even need to enter a download speed max.

20 per-torrent and 30 total connections will probably be more than enough. This will make things less laggy for others too.

2 torrents at once is really tops I'd suggest trying. And usually even just 1 torrent is enough with your conditions.

Even with allowing more upload slots if <90% upload speed is checked, I still think you should have upload slots set to 2 or 3. uTorrent doesn't work as well with upload slots set to 1.

So the fastest upload your line can manage is 19 KiloBYES/second...and only if you don't mind crippled download speed and terrible web surfing lag. Try decreasing upload till it's not a burden lag-wise for others and download speed nearly maxes out. That will also decide if your line can effectively run 1 or 2 torrents at once and whether you will be better off with upload slots set to 2 or all the way up to 4 if running 1 torrent at a time.

You've probably already got DHT, LPD, UPnP, and Resolve IPs disabled...but don't disable Peer Exchange. It's not bandwidth-free, but it's rather low bandwidth cost and extremely helpful on nearly-dead torrents...so long as others on the torrent have DHT and Peer Exchange enabled.

I went from 56k dial-up to 1.5mbps down and 128kbps up back in 2001...a much bigger jump than you've gotten. I wouldn't go back to less than 1.5 mbps down and 256kbps up even if it was almost free. :P

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Ok! when I said that I had disabled everything I don't need I meant like the ones in the connection UPnP, NAT-PnP add to windows firewall.

Never disabled LPD, DHT, PX never disabled. I have issues with connection to trackers.

So what about CvPs question

Low priority hash check? Unless utorrent itself run in low priority I don't think is possible. I'm not sure if net.low_cpu would work. Can someone clarify.
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