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Download Speed Suddenly from 100kb/s to 0


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well on the site it said there were no seeds or leechers, but when I first started it, I was connected directly to about 8 seeders. It's at 1.8%. And once I installed the beta stuff last night, is when I started having problems. Could this be a bug or just the torrent?

Note: I don't have any seeds, but the leechers I'm connected to (the connection icon is GREEN) aren't uploading or downloading. 22(54)

I just get spikes of anything at the most of .5kb/s and then it just drops to 0.

Thanks for the help!

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Guess what?

Did you check the hasfails? I've seen this before. If you download stuff from some "famous" uploader or hot new releases you will see this happening. Someone messing with the torrent.

Try these to find out:

1. check the hasfails

2. uncheck resolve IP's in the peers tab and check the IP addresses of all the connected peers

3. try a openoffice/slackware torrent

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