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Bug w/ uTorrent 1.8.1 Beta


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Last night I downloaded the new beta but since then my Ut has been crashing. My last crash was caused by clicking on the Network OK symbol. Also it takes like forever to load the application, since this upgrade. I have also had 2 occasions where Ut has freezed on me. Enclosed is some files to help you sort out the problem. Thanks in advance.



CPU Log:


Hijack Log:


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Your symantec is injected into uTorrent.exe

Turn that function off which injected that "Symantec library" DLL file.. or possibly use start > run >services.msc to turn all the symantec functions off if you don't know which one. See if the crashing still happens :/ I don't know what they do with the .DMP files but someone should be able to look at it for you soon.

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