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Static Ips?


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I recently moved to a new apartment complex, and they have a system setup where each resident has a static ip. Now I am not entirely sure if I am the problem on the network, but pretty much every time I use the uTorrent the router for the entire apartment's internet crashes, seemingly because uTorrent is trying to use a different IP than the one allotted to it and the router's internal firewall is a piece of shit so it just dies. I know nothing about networking, so I could be talking complete bullshit right now, but it seems like this could be the problem. The network admin is saying it is a router that is causing the problem(he said something about the DHCP signal from a resident's router crashing their router but I have no router), but I really think it might be uTorrent causing the problem. If I have no idea what I am talking about, then please feel free to point it out, but I thought I would ask just in case there is a solution.

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