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120-150 kbs, will increase if old torrents are paused or stopped.


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I have an odd little problem, that is I have a speed issue. D/L speed will average between 120-150 kbs unless some old torrents are paused or stopped. Most of these old torrents date back 4 possibly 5 months old. They are still stuck between 75-99% completion. Fear this could have happened after a possible Beta update (1.8.1 Beta) or sloppy tweak. Furthermore, Evid patch has been installed to windows XP SP3, supporting 100. Also net.max_halfopen is set at 80. Finally, Protocol Encryption is Forced. Alas, high-speed Internet with 42 Ping to Prince Rupert and 4724 kps for D/L and 445 kb/s for U/L as predicted from speedtest while router has a secure medium to communicate with Ut, 26310. Before all of this I was D/L at 520kps but every since this I am stuck with a much slower speed of 150 kbs; Meaning that my old and incomplete torrents get first precedence and not the newer ones that have been recently requested, infact, the new ones are still in Qued mode. How can I give first preference to the newer torrents and have the old torrents get secondary preference? Any help would be highly appreciated. Should you like additional stats please request. Thank you in advance.

Speed Log:


CPU Log:


Hijack Log:


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