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Port forwarding with D-link EBR 2310


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Hi, I've been trying to forward my port for a while but with no success.

I have followed the guide on portforward.com for my router, I have opened the ports in my firewall (windows xp sp2 firewall) and turning windows firewall off won't change anything so it's probably not the problem.

I'm using Avast Home Edition, I've tried to stop on-acces protection and it didn't work either.

My ISP is Videotron (Quebec, Canada.)

Is there anything I did wrong or I forgot?

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Well, a few things to check. First, there are some firmware fixes available for port forwarding improvements, make sure you're up to date and then redo the pf: http://www.dlink.com/products/support.asp?pid=478&sec=0#manual

What revision do you have (check above link)? Also, what's your network status, including the message you get when you put your mouse over the icon? http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php#What_do_the_Network_Status_lights_mean.3F

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Thanks for quick answer GTHK.

I have the Hardware version A2, and my firmware (1.05) was already up to date.

My network status change from red to orange (?!) from time to time.

Actually... as I'm writing this message it's green!! But when I check the website port isn't forwarding.

ps : It is now orange, and the message is : "No incoming connections, unless the icon turns green, it could indicate a problem with your network configuration". Although I'm still able to download and upload, not at max speed but almost...

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