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when clicking on logger tab doesn't display loaded ipfilter.dat


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If the ipfilter.dat file is in the correct folder (C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\uTorrent when using XP) and is named correctly, then there is something wrong with the file if it isn't loading.

Try renaming your current one, then open notepad and add one IP address (eg and saving it as ipfilter.dat then reloading the file in µTorrent.

If this works, then it's probably the formatting of your ipfilter - try opening it with notepad to check.

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Yep control the IP formatting in your filter.

Example of correct range IP (you can skip useless 0 too):,090,[L1]EMI Music Publishing

You can use # to comment a line, uT will skip it.


#-0---(main title)---Ipfilter v128 (2008-01-27).

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