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some features from me :)


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1. column "REMAINING" (I know that REMAINING = SIZE - COMPLETED, but ... :)

2. in GENERAL tab in place where is remaining there is only remaining time - there miss info how much MB left to finish downloading

3. better torrent organising - possility to change position in main windows (e.g. you can move torrent from top of the list to middle of the list)

4. in PIECES tab - you can`t sort pieces (clicking on COMPLETED and AVAIBILITY doesn`t do anything :/

5. something like plugin "Progress Bar" to azureus - graphical show of percentage downloading torrent

6. more stats - global DL and UL data - from first time using uTorrent and for example separate stats for each mont/year

7. some horizontal line to separate downloading/paused torrent from seeding torrents

8. i tab GENERAL, optionn SAVE IN is clear :/ there should be info where files ale save but it isn`t

9. 3 KB size of utorrent.exe and 10 KB in RAM <--- hehe joke :D

it is a great program :)

great job :)

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note: keep in mind im not the developer or anything, so these are just my two cents on the matter :P

1) i guess some people might find it useful.

2) see 1.

3) this was already requested in several places, and there's a dedicated thread i believe.

4) Sorting pieces ? what kind of help could that possibly be ? Oo

5) You already have that option. The general tab has a progress bar including pieces obtained for each torrent when that torrent is activated.

6) keeping stats means keeping extra files and extra usage and resources - since you have to re-calc this everytime the speed changes on a torrent, i personally would prefer resources over stats.

7) I dont really like Managing two lists of torrents, it's just pointless IMO. Especially if you have the ability to sort according to status, which you do.

8) I agree i keep noticing it but never reported it xD

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hmm can I set up uTorrent in some way to bypass firewall in winxp?

in school on computers we have blocked all programs ( except for IE and total commander) from internet :/

co I can use only IE or Total Com.

is there any way to that uTorrent "become" visible as IE? (to use it on this computers) ???

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