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memory and a whole lot off it


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HA! 70 MB/sec is not even 60% of 1 gigabit/second. :P

So you'd need to build uTorrent settings based on that...were you to use generic 1 gigabit/second upload settings, you'd possibly have problems.

Take the 100 megabits/second upload settings...and raise upload speed to 70000 KB/second. That's probably good enough. Raise max active and download torrents too if you want...or even upload slots. But global connection max is already extreme in Speed Guide (CTRL+G) at 1000. Lots of networking hardware and software WILL have trouble with that amount!

"Bad News" is more like the messenger/bearer of bad news. I often post on topics I don't see other replies on just to tell them they're screwed. Whether they're hopelessly firewalled (Satellite/wireless ISPs), hopeless for torrents period (colleges/universities blocking BitTorrent), or that their ISP is particularly hostile to BitTorrent. Or their upload/uTorrent settings are set too high. Or something else that ...although helpful... they may not want to hear.

I usually don't sugar coat it either:

"Your ISP hates you..." (because they are completely hostile towards BitTorrent traffic and BitTorrent users.)

The other possible meanings of "bad news"...well, I don't consider myself terribly lucky or unlucky -- but others have described my presence around them as "unlucky".

And if I really don't like someone on this forum...I quit arguing...their posts may simply disappear. Done that to a few spammers and people who were particularly insulting. Even deleted a post or 2 by mistake. :P

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Re: memory and a whole lot off it taskmgr say it is svchost.exe but when i close utorrent memmroy usages goes down to 20% again from 99% when ever its running

Problem appears only in WindowsVista, but never WindowsXP, and not only uTorrent may cause such bug. In fact just system's cache's capacity limits has been reseted and that's why cache extends untill ALL free RAM. After reboot task manager indicates decreasing of free RAM utill it will equal ZERO. Of course system's performance goes down. Exiting and even uninstalling uTorrent will not take effect.

To solve the problem it's needed fix maximum system's cache limit (set it far less than you have RAM) to prevent it's extension to all free memory.

Where to find this option? System's Registry, Performance & Cache settings? Unfortunately i couldn't to learn it :( and hope to Your help

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