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Port opening.


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Sorry that my first post is asking for advice, but I am desperate. I have tried almost everything and still can't get ports opened. I am trying to forward ports for my uttorent.

Richmond, BC, Canada

Shaw high-speed

Windows Vista 64

Surfboard SB5101

No firewalls other than windows

My computer is connected straight to my modem. I followed all the steps that this website told me to do, but my utorrent still says that it Error! Port (so and so, 31210 in this case) does not appear to be open. I tried disabling all my firewalls on my computer (windows firewall, my modem doesn't have a built in firewall) and still get the same message. My arrow appears green on my uttorent but sites such as stmusic.org and what.cd say that I am unconnectable.

Here is my ipconfig


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