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Sequential Ip addresses during torrenting, could some1 tell me what


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With several of the various monitoring companies going bankrupt/closing their doors/getting bought-out, this entire blocklist is out-of-date and of questionable value AT BEST!


Those are hostile ips, probably MediaSentry and MediaDefender.

Abovenet Communications, Inc NETBLK-ABOVENET2 (NET-209-66-64-0-1)

MediaSentry ABOV-T694-209-66-117-0-24 (NET-209-66-117-0-1)

MediaSentry is definitely hostile.

Abovenet Communications, Inc is just the ISP company that hosts them.

Blocking all of Abovenet would probably be overkill.

Sprint - Possible SafeNet:


AS38615 SAFENET-IN Safenet Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

AS14478 BAYTSP - BayTSP.Com


Media Defender

Net2EZ NET2EZ (NET-72-172-64-0-1) -

Smart Start SMART-START (NET-72-172-88-0-1) -


Trident Media Guard, the French anti-piracy outfit

It's pretty obvious from the numerous reports concerning these ip ranges that those Azureus client versions are just a bunch of hostiles.

So all in all, I recommend blocking these ranges:

I know the first 38 block range is huge, but quite frankly Cogent isn't file-sharing friendly. Really, blocking ALL of isn't totally out of line. :P

There's probably far more out there, but blocking is only marginally effective for fighting poisoners.

Blocking is WORTHLESS for hiding your ip from their monitoring...they get your ip from the trackers you're on.

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So all in all, I recommend blocking these ranges

WOW, thanks a million for sharing your list :P, this is the answer i was looking for :D, thanks to everyone who participate in this thread too.

Speaking of PG2, it does nothing but slowing down your pc, IMO, in addition to those inaccurate lists !! why do people still insist on using it?? i don't know !!

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