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Not connectable, what so ever....


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I am using uTorrent 1.7.7 on a computer running XPHome and completely up to date.

Since i installed XP again, [about 2 months ago] uTorrent is giving me trouble.

Speed is slower then normal.

I have used several free firewalls [ZoneAlarm, Sygate, Comodo, Sunbelt]. They all work fine but utorrent is giving me always a message that i am not connectable.

The port given in uTorrent is set in the firewall, uTorrent is given full access to internet; still not connectable......

I am connected to internet using a cablemodem [Arris TM502B].

Can someone tell me why i am not abble to connect?????

Thanks in advance.


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Problem is solved

Uninstalled SP3 for XP.................

So there must be something inside SP3 that's [in my case] fucking up uTorrent..............

Thanks 4 the help.

Thread can be closed, locked and thrown away

And beware of the dealer, so he gives you good support [for your new AND old product..]



from the lovely country of the Netherlands

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