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utorrent + sound = disaster


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Hi all!

As the topic says I'm having problem with utorrent and my sound in my media players such as: Winamp, KMplayer, VLC etc. The thing that happens is that random in all my movies/songs etc the sound acts up, distorsion of up to 1-2 sek, very very anoying.

I'm no computer master but what I have tried is to change audio drivers to the most fresh ones, I have also tried audio drivers 4 steps back, 1 at a time but with the same results. I formated for about 4 weeks ago and then for 2 weeks after everything worked great. Then after a windows update(I think) the sound problem started. I have also tried to switch around with different settings in utorrent but nothing helps. Thing is the minute I switch utorrent off everything goes back to normal. What can be the problem here? Audio drivers? other drivers? utorrent? vista?

Have been sitting with this problem for over a week now and about to go mad, hope someone have some suggestions!

// Freyer

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The sound doesn't break just a small distortion, blurry kinda noise.

LANPARTY UT nF4-D is my motherboard, I have the latest chpset drivers

Audio if that helps:

# Karajan audio module - Realtek ALC850 8-channel audio CODEC - 6 audio jacks - 1 CD-in connector - 1 front audio connector

# S/PDIF-in/out interface

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