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Can I change the location of my torrents and make a backup?


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Hello, all.

I did a search but didn't find anything. Basically what it says in the title. Is it possible to move files from a torrent to a different hard disk, and then change the location of the files within uTorrent, so I can keep seeding it? I have a bunch of movies that are within one torrent (they are in one directory), and I want them moved from C: to my external hard disk. However, if you move the files in a torrent, uTorrent no longer sees them. Is it possible to change the location of the files somewhere in the program?

Furthermore, if it can be done, I'd really like to be able to backup my torrent list. How can I do this?


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Off course, a torrent is not stuck to a specific folder.

Read this post:



stop torrent

right-click torrent > advanced

set download location

force re-check

start torrent

If you want to move a set of torrents into the same new folder, you can use auto-reloading of torrents (see FAQ).

For the back-up, if it's saving the list of torrent in main dwl window, just select the torrents (ctrl+A or ctrl+mouse), copy (ctrl+c), paste in notepad/tabler (ctrl+v). :D

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Thanks. Can't believe I didn't find that when I tried it myself.

As for the backup of the torrent list, are they stored somewhere in a temporary folder? I always open torrents directly from Firefox, I don't save them first. I searched my hard drives for the .torrent extension, but I guess they get deleted automatically. Oh well. I can always just go to the tracker site, re-open the torrent and then re-set the download location, right?

Guess I'll have to save my .torrents in one directory from now on.

Thanks again.


Looking at your post again, I think you misunderstood me with the backup thing. I want to backup the list of the torrents so I can re-seed some of them after I get done reformatting my PC.

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Yep I think too I misunderstood you ! ;)

You're right, .torrent are saved in uTorrent folder in Application Data.

To access it:

%AppData% is a system variable that works on every Windows OS.

To use it, you can either type %AppData%\uTorrent into the Address Bar, or click Start -> Run, and type it there.

Under Vista, the pathway is:


When you delete a torrent from main download window of uT (with or without data), you remove the corresponding .torrent is this uTorrent folder.

But for a back-up, your current torrents are present in this folder, so don't hesitate to save into a new HD partition, USB device, extrenal HDD etc... to re-seed it after a PC formatting e.g.

In this case the auto-reload procedure can help yo to reseed en masse your back-uped torrents.

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