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Everything gone???


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Something strange happaned. I had to shut down the internet connection for something. I forgot to open it, when I started uTorrent. Usually when this happens, nothing happens, that is the files just canät be downloaded until I start internet connection again, but this time every file that had priorly been downloaded to different size, was now gone. It said 0% for all the files.

I opened the internet connection and waited, uTorrent was checking the files, it started with 0%check, and continued to 100%. So I thought it will all be fine.

But after waiting för like an hour, still some files hadn't been checked at all, and thoose that had been checked for 100% was uncorrect. For instance I know that file x had been downloaded to an amount of 85&, but know it was on 25%, and this was the same for most of the files.

Since I am usually downloading DVD-R, the files are big, and it takes a lot of time. So now it feels like that I have to download the file all over again.

What has happened????

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