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Utorrent, Internet explorer and Firefox problem


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Ususlly, when I have Utorrent running, Iexplorer and Firefox can't open any internet pages. This has happenned only recently, because I didn't have this problem before. It is not a bandwith problem, because I leave more than enough headroom for uploads and downloads. I have 1Mbit upload and I leave 10kBites for emule and 60kBites for utorrent - this is about 60% of the upload bandwith. The downloads might be at 10kbits or less and the download bandwith is 24Mbits.

However, if I unplug the cable from the router and after 1 minute I connect it back, then, once in a while, Iexplorer and Firefox might work for a few minutes. Sometimes, if I am tired of waiting for the pages to open, and I try again a few hours later, it might not work, work for 5 minutes or work for a couple of hours. At the same time Utorrent and emule keep on working happily, and usually, internet spades also works fine, (not always, though)

The modem is the same has before (Draytek 2800G). I updated the firmware, but the problem didn't stop. I formatted the computer twice and installed win XP SP3, and the problem didn't stop. I tried a new UTP cable with new terminal plugs, and I still have the same problem.

However, if I exit Utorrent, I get Iexplorer and Firefox to work.

I checked with Google and found people who had the same problem, but no idea how to solve it.


Can someboby help me??? Thanks

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i'm having the same problem since may (v7.7 if i'm not wrong). i have tried everthing from format, removing any routers, downgrade utorrent and havinf the right options on. still nothing did help so i gave up and was hopping on a future version gonna fix it. so now i'm still not able to surf while dowloading also utorrent is not able to update from the tracker either so i have to restart utorrent so it can update from tracker.

i use/used win xp home, 30/30 fiber net (old) tryed without router/modem here, 24/3 ADSL i use only modem here zyxel p-660h-d1. i dont have any problem downloading at highspeed with blizzard WoW update "torrent".

this problem is with all torrent programs also a p2p video player (tortun).

i allso have a 3com networkcard installed on my pc but i dont use it. and i have a amd dual-core x64 cpu

thx in advance


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yeah, same problem here. I think it must be a problem with the net.maxhalfopen thingy. I patched TCPIP already(set to 99) but my internet screws up when I set net.maxhalfopen to 50 in utorrent, which really shouldn't be the case. I'm not really sure whats wrong here.

I just lowered it to 20 and i can surf fine. But my speed's crap and I've already done everything else(forwarded ports and blah blah)

Help please?

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Maxonline in Singapore is hostile to BitTorrent traffic:







You cannot use high half open rates without causing worse problems with a hostile ISP. :(

This might help:


Azureus encryption level 3 is equivalent to µTorrent's "Enable" for outgoing encryption with "Allow legacy incoming connections" unchecked

Azureus encryption level 4 is equivalent to µTorrent's "Forced" for outgoing encryption with "Allow legacy incoming connections" unchecked

Azureus encryption level 5 doesn't really have an equivalent in µTorrent. uTorrent's DHT can be disabled and uTorrent can be firewalled by a router, preventing your computer from "seeing" incoming connections.

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I had problems with version 1.8, then I went back to 1.61 and the problem remained. I had access to internet pages only if I had 1 or 2 torrents active. More than that and no IE or Firefox. I finally I tried utorrent-1.8.1-beta-12285, as Murlok did, and now everything seems to be working. UTorrent has been a bad boy.

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