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need help plz


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hii guys....i am getting the same cyclic redundancy check errors this guy is getting


but the problem is that its a new seagate internal 500 gb sata hard drive i just bought...i hav already replaced it three times but all the three times i am getting the same cyclic redundancy check error messg & windows hardware failure messg i have also ran chkdsk command on it but no bad sectors found & when i tried difftrent ports sometimes it takes long time to load the windows & somtimes it didn't detected the hard drive

now i don't know where the problem is..... because i have another internal 250 seagate sata hard drive installed which is working fine for me without any problems

i have intel 3.0 dual core 945, 2gb ddr2 667 ram

my window is installed on the 250gb hard drive [windows xp sp3 version 3244]

plz if anyone can help me out

Edit: i am using utorrent 1.8 build 11813

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