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utorent 1.8 rss feed problems


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Hi everybody,

I have managed to follow the tutorial on the website to set up RSS feeds to eztv programs. However the rss feed works to well and tries to download the entire feed. I have set up filters for my programs but it still downloads all programs, can anybody help?

FYI i have ticked the use smart filter on the automatically download feed screen.

Thanks in advance

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The problem is when adding a rss feed to automatically download with the smart filter, it adds a filter that seems to download the entire feed (a filter with a * where the show name should be). If you delete this filter or amend it then the feed no longer automatically downloads.

The original link i found also had the same problem and the author also reverted back to 1.7.7.

As is always the way now im trying to find the link i cant damn google!!!


Found the original link for anybody else that is interested..


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