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Option to choose connection


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Hi there...

I'm currently looking for a bit torrent client that allows the user (whom has multiple network connections) to choose the adapter which the application should use.

For example, this system has 2 adapters, 1 for business (pci) and 1 for personal use *wifi...

I'd really like to have it running off my wifi leaving my pci connection alone.

Thanks, hope to see this feature soon!


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Yeah, no good...

I've changed the ip with uTorrent but after I do Internet Explorer, etc, it all binds to that IP...

Guess I will have to look into changing ?metrics?...

Thanks people,


The script that interest me is on that page in it's entirety (This vbScript 3/4 down the page),

though, I wonder if this will produce the exact same result that I had with uTorrent...

Will check it out, depending on how far down my post goes I'll post my result.



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