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Scheduler Configuration [for off peak downloads and unlimited uploads]


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My ISP as are I think most or may ISP do, has a peak hour download limit and no upload limits so I would like to configure uTorrent to by default, to disable downloads during peak periods but permit uploads to continue during both peak and off peak periods but cannot see to do this as I could with Azureus.

If this is possible, could anyone tell me how to configure uTorrent?

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hi firon,

thanks for your (very) prompt reply to my post.

apparently you're offline but i hope not and still online for this and a quick reply.

i am always reluctant to post too quickly in case i haven't first tried hard enough to help myself.

so i a little embarrassed to see that the solution was or is so easy and plainly apparent.

but tell me is the seeding only option new to version 1.8 because i could/would have sworn i never saw it before

thanks again

*** Update***

I just configured scheduler for 'seeding only' during peak hours however a torrent I have yet downloaded and only want to download in an off peak period is still downloading. So it would appear I still haven't understood something.

***Further Update***

While the torrent status is 'Downloading' it is not presently showing any 'Down Speed' or downloaded data but does from time to time seem to be showing an 'Up Speed' as if it is 'trying' to upload. Is this normal as I am not sure if that is the scheduler at work or something else?

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