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Always under 70kB/s.


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Well today I had to reset my laptop to factory settings. It's brand new (just got it the 10th) but the wireless stopped working. Long story short, I was on the phone with tech support for hours, one of the suggestions the lady had me do bricked my laptop pretty much and when she decided she couldn't get it back to normal she just hung up on me. Called back and got someone that could actually help me get it back to normal and now I can't get above 70 kB/s.

Yesterday when my wireless was working I was getting speeds upwards of 250 kB/s on the same torrent that I'm DLing today (had NOD32 installed and it was configured to allow uTorrent to do it's thing.) Let's start out here as if I just had a fresh install of uTorrent and am changing the default settings on the program.

For the record,

HP DV7-1020us laptop.

Windows Vista Home Premium (64 bit)


2.0Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo


Only AV software I have installed is AVG (anything I have to configure in here to get higher speeds?)

I have the port forwarded and have a static IP. No firewall in the router I'm using. It's a netgear WNR2000.

I have an exception set up in the Windows Firewall

I currently have about a 10 down / 1.5 up connection.


Anything suggestions would be appreciated. If there's any more information you guys might need to help me better just let me know.


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ComCast uses SpeedBoost to temporarily allow faster than "max" downloads and uploads. Typically it's faster for 10-50 MB, then slows to normal max.

This seriously messes up bandwidth tests.

TCP Optimizer might help your speeds slightly -- just make SURE you're not allowing a lot of server connections at once using it!

2nd link in my signature for uTorrent settings -- you probably need 1 megabit/second upload or lower settings.

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