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slow up loads


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Current set up as follows:

House is a concrete three floor home (1st Floor=Ground), 2nd Floor=Floor immediately above ground, 3rd Floor=Floor above the 2nd)

On ground floor we have a closet where the cable/internet comes to house. There we have a Thomson wireless router provided by the local cable company. Signal was weak two floors up so we had to install a second wireless router which we had (Linksys Dual-Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router WRT600N) on the second floor. This provides a good if not excellent signal now in all the house's three floors.

The Linksys is connected by wire to the Thompson via the home electric wiring thanks to a set of slinglinks turbos.

Internet connectivity works very well whether connecting to either the Thompson or Linksys networks. Webpages pop up fast on both (although little faster on the Thompon network when surfing in the ground floor).


The problem lies with the speeds of Utorrent. Very slow. There is a red icon with exclamation (shown at the bottom Utorrent interface page). When mouse is over it reads "Not connectible. A firewall/router is limiting your network traffic. You need to open up a post so other can connect to you.

I have followed the set up guides; visited the port forwarding sites. But I am a newbie and each time that I try to make a change it either shuts down the internet (which unless connecting to Utorrent now works fine), the router interface disappears, or some other problems.


Based on my set up of having a wireless router connected to the back of another can someone please help. The Desktop computer being used with Utorrent is located on third floor/top floor and it connects to the internet via the Linksys Wireless router on second floor.

I would like to give back as much as I take but with the slow loads it's just not happening.

I keep scratching my head because otherwise internet work well and fast, and yet under Utorrent loads are Very Slow.

Perhaps someone has experience with this set up and could assist.

Sorry for my bad English.

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