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WTF am I doing wrong???


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Hi there

I'm having problems with uploading and seeding torrents.

I try uploading small torrents with files that have like 60kb or so. This means, that seeding those should be really easy, if I understand everything right.

My stats sometimes look like the following: seeds: 0(34) peers: 1(64) or 0(64)

I'm using those trackers for all files:






The mininova tracker gives me the reply: tracker has no peers fields

Are those stats normal, or am I doing anything wrong?

I use utorrent 1.8.

I also try to download the files via my server, where I have torrentflux installed. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes to download that tiny file, and sometimes it can't download it at all!!??

I see my server in the peers list though

I guess that means that something with my settings is wrong. I did do the speed guide and set it all up properly

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!!!


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