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utorrent speed not work maximum


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hi all this the first time i'm posting at here,nice to meet all of you.

ok this is what happen.righ now i'm using a prolink 4 WAN load balance router(MH8041),using this hardware i connect 4 line modem from internet connection(each line connection 384 kbps), to make my speed download more faster using 1 PC,and is my speed download is really more faster if i direct download using flashget.the speed download is 100 KB/s.but when i'm using utorrent the speed is really slow,i just get 12 KB/s even i already try download 5-20 files together at the same time,but its still same the speed donwload only 12 KB/s.and i already try using 1 line connection only,so i don't use the load balancer hardware,i directly using 1 modem and connet it to my PC and the speed is work normally 40KB/s

so i'm really desperate righ now, what I must do.or what settings i must do.please help me.

OS: Window xp sp2

Processor: Intel Core 2 duo e6550 2.4 GHz


Firewall: comodo firewall pro (No difference in download speed even if I turn off the Firewall)

Modem: Motorola SurfBoard SB5101

prolink 4 WAN load balance router(MH8041)

Antivirus: nod32 vers 2.7

Application: utorrent v1.8

Download speed: 160KB/s

Upload speed: 15KB/s


utorrent settings:

Selected Speed Guide connection: xx/2Mbit (upload limit 186)

Pre-allocate all files - Yes

Append .!ut to incomplete files - No

Network status: Green (Port is forwarded properly)

Port: 18799

UPnP and NAT-PMP port mapping - No

Randomized port each start - No

Add Windows Firewall exception - Yes

Enable DHT Network - Yes

Enable DHT for new torrent - Yes

Enable Local Peer Discovery - Yes

Ask tracker for scrape information - Yes

Enable Peer Exchange - Yes

Outgoing Protocol Encryption; Enabled (Forced seems to have a worse effect)

Allow incoming legacy connections - Yes

utorrent advanced options (Any other important advanced options I need to provide?)

net.max_halfopen = 8

net.bind_ip = "blank"

net.outgoing_ip = "blank"

peer.lazy_bitfield = true

please help me i really2 desperate

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Try downloading the OpenOffice test torrent mentioned in the 1st link of my signature.

The download speed you get in uTorrent while downloading it...is probably the best you'll get anywhere with your current setup. if it is also slow, you've got computer/network problems and/or your ISP heavily throttles BitTorrent traffic.

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