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Re-seeding torrent


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I recently created my first torrent, posted it to PB, and immediately began to get lots of hits. After being downloaded from my computer, and then also later on seeing there were 2 seeders, due to constraints on my connection by my satelitte isp provider, I went ahead and deleted the torrent from my Utorrent process.

I now see folks wanting seeders. Apparently the other seeder I noticed is also gone. I still have the torrent file ... at least I think ... in my recylce box, have moved it back and have used Utorrent to "Add".

But it wants to download instead of uploading it for other folks. I don'[t want to go thru that long process ... large file ... because isp may cut down my connection speed.

How do I do this so that others can d/l?


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Reload the .torrent in uT, select the folder where are your data and force a re-check. Start the torrent. Seeding is ready.

I you dont want to seed a torrent during a long time, just stop it and let it in main window. Then you can start it in the future to seed it again. You can creat a label in uT for old torrents and move it into this label.

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