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remember an override of a peers true port vlaue regardless of tracker


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I've been having a problem with DHT reporting incorect values for some peers port which make getting a swarm going difficult at best. Some of them are not forwarding the ports through a firewall or router as they should do, whilst others are just advertising via the tracker an incorrect port number.

If I scan the IP and find the open port their torrent client is listening on I can add the peer with the true port number and uTorrent retains it only until the next DHT update. I assume it is not possible to update the DHT itself with the remote peers true port value, but it would be nice to have any manually entered peer details to take precedence over public DHT or other trackers.

It'd be a good idea to have uTorrent compare the IP set to report to tracker entry with the tracker/DHT listing and not try and connect to that IP:port as it's a waste of resources to even try.

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