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win xp fast win vista slow...Version 1.8


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i have speed problems with utorrent 1.8 (not beta) it seems that this program is very slow downaloading stuff on my windows vista, its top is 10-12kp/s.

on my windows xp its speed as 100+kp/s....(wdf?)

I was wondering is it because this version/program is not suitable for windows vista.

(My download on windows xp was a 355mb file, speed was 100+, my download on windows vista right now is a 75mb file, speed 10-12)

also my windows xp is an extremly slow laptop...only 502 ram...takes 5-6min to load explorer...lol..compare to my vista..totally different.

my firewall on my security programs is allowing utorrent to access.

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