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Connecting to very few peers


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I supose this is a common problem, as i have searched it a bit around the ol' internet.

Though with the guides i still have the same problems.

I've tried to port forward my router (D-link DI-524) after doing this and running the test to see if i had port forwarded correctly it says i hadn't. i can surf the internet whilst i have the static IP in place. I'm realy behind two routers if that's a problem, (My modem is also a router, model : Thomson Speedtouch 510)

I ran a test to see if my isp (Bigpond) was restricting me, the test was clear. i get about 6544 kb/s down and 326 kb/s up.

on my downloads i get an average of 0.5 kB/s down and 40 kB/s up the peers that i manage to connect to are downloading at 300 KB/s

i connect to 10 out of 70 for seeding and 11 out of 224 downloading, So bassically i need help port forwarding i think.

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