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Strange RSS Downloader behaviour when adding multiple items


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I am running the latest 1.8.1 beta 12183 on a Windows 2003 server machine and i am having some problems with the RSS downloader.

1) After loading the RSS downloader if i click on an existing favorite item so the Filter Settings boxes are populated then click on Add... the Filter Settings boxes are not reset to blank but instead have the previously selected favorites info. It would be better if the Filter Settings input boxes are reset on clicking Add so you don't have to manually reset all the fields?

2) Adding multiple favorite items at once doesn't work. If i load RSS downloader and immediately click Add, then type in the filter settings but click Add again for a 2nd favorite item.. the first thing that isn't right is the input boxes are not reset so you still have the previou items info and the 2nd thing that happens is once you have finished typing in the 2nd filter if you then click back to the 1st filter item you added it's is blank ?

If you are happy to open the RSS downloader and add one item then close and repeat as necessary it seems ok but adding multiple items in one go looks to be broken ?.



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