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Port triggering, initiate + keep alive


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I run DHCP for my laptop (which is what I use uTorrent on) and I have a script I manually run that tries to establish a session to an external IP on my configured trigger port. Unfortunately, if the router gets rebooted in the middle, the triggering is undone and the port is no longer forwarded (or passes whatever timeout?). I would find it very useful if uTorrent could send keep alive packets through a specified trigger port every once in a while. This happens to be my listen port as well, but isn't necessarily. I would simply use the ports that the trackers specify, but that's different per tracker. Plus, there many be other BT clients on the network. I have an actual server on the other side that (that I use for other things) that doesn't actually listen on that port so it is denied, but it seems to be enough to trigger the port. I don't know if it would work with any random address, as long as it was something routed through the firewall as the default gateway. I'm reluctant to use uPnP... It's not a huge issues, but I notice it every once in a while. Dunno if anyone else has use for this.

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Real port forwarding doesn't work so well with DHCP, I just it trigger manually--although it's sometimes a pain, it's quite doable. Interesting dummy .torrent idea... I have it set to scrape stopped, so... I probably wouldn't even need to seed it or have it interfere with the queueing process. :) hmmm

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I've been over this with the portforward.com admins. Port triggering and BT don't go well together.

1> Nonstandard ports on Trackers that don't listen on other service ports

2> Nonstandard ports on Clients that don't listen on other service ports

3> PHP trackers and other trackers listening on standard service ports

4> Clients listening on standard service ports

Standard service ports would include:

HTTP - Port 80

HTTPS - Port 443

SMTP - Port 25

POP3 - Port 110

FTP - Port 21

SSH - Port 22

I'd set the computer recieving the forwards to be static IP outside of the router's DHCP range.

If setting a static IP on the computer isn't practical for whatever reason (using the same computer on multiple networks with different IP blocks for example) Using UPnP would be the most reliable option.

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Well, sure.. And I wouldn't want standard ports for that necessarily. And my listening port is, well, incoming only. Hence the usefulness (to me at least) of having the application that needs the incoming ports responsible for keeping its own connection open. However, I suppose this is what uPnP was designed to do but I keep seeing UPnP problem posts like...

"Well it's called Beta for a reason...also, UPnP is buggy and generally not the recommended way to operate in µTorrent..."

Actually, that was you 1c3d0g. (not intentional) :P

I trust port triggering cuz I can test it and it's simple. Also, the purist in my likes to only open ports when I need 'em, ya know? I have some netsh scripts that switch me from dynamic to static and vice versa on each network so it's not a huge deal, just something that would make my life easier since I roam on all kinds of networks. If no one else finds it useful, certainly no big deal.

Off-topic: After seeing all numerous posts on QoS, I setup DD-WRT and QoS and a number of other things (connection tracking limits, etc), and... it totally rawks. cFosSpeed is great for single computer use only... but I have other people I don't wanna blow out of the water to think of... and ping times in Unreal Tournament 99... :)

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