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Very Odd D/L Issue w/ Ut Speed consist between 8.1-10kbs


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My windows crashed two days back, so I spent many hours putting it back together. Ut included, I had a lot of setbacks here since I also have Norton 360 installed. After many, many attempts I have Ut optimized. Now my D/L speed is only between 8.1-10kbs

As odd as it sounds, I have port forwarded to 27500 on my Dlink router with Forced Encryption. I have also maxed EvID4226Patch223d-en and net.max_halfopen is set to 80 as well. Even if I am to take Norton out my speed is still at its ultra low. By tweaking my DHT nodes are at 319 and growing. To make disk writing faster disk overloaded at 100%. This is a fresh copy of Ut, so I doubt I mucked it up. Interestingly enough I have a ping of 999 to Price Rupert with a D/L of 421 kbs and U/L of 42 kbs. I need to be able to give more, some thing seems wrong. Please, please help anyone.

Speed test:


Full software and services diagnostic:


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I had it all perfect before my sys crshed, even w Nort 360. I am someone has had da same prob. as me. I want to keep 360, since its da best security, and I get a lot of hackers who try n crack open my firewall. Any suggestions would kindly be appreciated.

P.s are there any other worthy all in soft ware you guys r running on ur meachines???

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