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runniing two uTorrent versions simultaneously?


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Is it possible to install and run two different uTorrent versions simultaneously on the same machine?

I want to run simultaneously 1.6.1 on a private tracker and 1.8.0 for public torrents and other private trackers that do not mind it.


I see that uTorrent is a direct executable and does not require any installing.

Also, if one version is already running, attempting to start another one does nothing, only pops-up the already running one.

And that is the problem, is it possible to use some switches or to make manual changes in the registry, to rename one version of uTorrent to uTnerrot or something, to make it possible to run two versions simultaneosly?

The two versions may or may not share the same database with torrent list etc,

I can live with either a common or a separate torrent list.

Or probably not - at least different torrents from the list should be started and stopped for the two simultaneously running versions, so probably I need separate lists.

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