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Very slow DL speed :O


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Hello every1.

I'm new here, so dont be to rude :P

Just got µtorrent, and started dl a movie, but then :o

I tested my speed on the net, and it says 9940 kb/s, but im only downloading with around 150-300 kb/s.

I made an open port to µtorrent (port 1992 with my ip and firewall set to accept traffic from µtorrent.

But im still having the little red circle with says: Not connectable! And when I run the port test, it says: IT'S NOT OPEN!

So i hope you can help me ^^ would really like to dl with 9mb/s :o haha.

Btw dl <munched by admin - thanks for reading the announcement - dwk> so seeds and leechers shouldnt be a problem -.-


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