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Very slow download speed PLZ HELP!!!


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This is my first topic on this website my problem is that my torrent maxes at 160 kB/s Down 20kB/s Up

According to http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest my max speed is 1.5mb/s couldnt get same result today got only 578kB/s

I dont know why my speed is so slow I tryed encryption and forced encryption I used to have same company and torrent speed maxed at the speed of 1.5mb/s PLZ some1 help me coz i cant keep up with newest movies any more... And btw i red the TroubleShoting guide and it didnt help...

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Oh wow... Im really confused with all this staff but how come last year I was getting 10x speed im getting today from same network service ?!?

"Where's the information that the TroubleShooting Guide ask for if it didn't help?"

~I tried reseting all settings changing back and fores from 1.7.7 to 1.8 and back and I also disable the router and called the company custumer service they said everything is fine but i know something is not ok,,, =\

~ since I switched from once from Youtube"how to make ur torrent speed go up" to defaults speed didnt change


~Checking port 45682 on

OK! Port 45682 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.

~Connection Type:xx/128k (if i change this to bigger number my down speed drops from 150->100)

Upload : 9kB/s

Up Slots:3

Connections per Torrent: 55


Max active torrents:1

Max Active downloads:1


~Windows XP Pro SP2

~All firewalls and antiviruses are off as far as I know...

~The Modem is Apris and router wich i disconected is D-Link

~Time Warner Road Runner DSL

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Make sure you changed ALL your settings back to default from whatever you did to duplicate what you saw on YouTube...every video from there I ever saw concerning uTorrent would royally screw uTorrent up!

You might be better off using my suggested 128 or 160 kilobits/second upload settings in the 2nd link of my signature.

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yeah thats what i found in Utorrent FAQ =)

I deleted Settings.dat file reinstalled Utorrent Used recomended settings but none of that gave me anything like 2megabytes per second i had before im so freakin confused =( I miss my mega speed...

I think I solved this puzzle im getting the internet for 25$ and used to get one for 40$ from same company

Thx for help anyways )))

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"You can't get 2 MBytes"

Alright it was 1.8 or something like that I just rounded it up ...

And plus there was some special deal that I was getting my speed doubled with out any extra payments... My speed peaks at 172kb\s =(

wtf is there only one kind of road runner ??? I mean I thought I had the one that lots faster than the one I got right now... Should road runner be that slow ???

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